Tuesday, 24 February 2015

3 Godfathers (1948)

John Wayne as Robert Hightower

Pedro Armandariz as Pete

Harry Carey Jr as William Kearney ('The Abilene Kid')

Ward Bond as Buck Sweet

Mae Marsh as Mrs Sweet

Mildred Natwick as The Mother

Jane Darwell as Miss Florie

Guy Kibbee as Judge

Dorothy Ford as Ruby Latham

Ben Johnson as Deputy

Charles Halton (on right) as Mr Latham

Hank Worden (on left) as Curly

Jack Pennick as Luke

Fred Libby (on left) as Deputy

Michael Dugan (left foreground) as Posse Member

Don Summers (right foreground) as Posse Member

Ruth Clifford (at bar) as Woman in Bar

Jack Curtis (on right) as Bartender

Francis Ford (centre) as Drunk

Richard Hageman as Saloon Pianist

Cliff Lyons as Posse Member

Frank McGrath (centre, holding hat) as Posse Member

William Steele (on left) as Posse Member

Harry Tenbrook (on right) as Bartender

Circus World (1964)

John Wayne as Matt Masters

Claudia Cardinale as Toni Alfredo

Rita Hayworth as Lili Alfredo

Lloyd Nolan as Cap Carson

Richard Conte as Aldo Alfredo

John Smith as Steve McCabe

Katharyna as Giovana

Katherine Kath as Hilda

Wanda Rotha as Mrs Schuman

Miles Malleson as Billy Hennigan

Jose Maria Caffarel (in centre) as Mayor of Barcelona

Kay Walsh (second from left) as Flo Hunt

Hans Dantes as Emile Schuman

Margaret Fuller (on right) as Woman with Binoculars

Moustache as Bartender

George Tyne as Bartender

North to Alaska (1960)

John Wayne as Sam McCord

Stewart Granger as George Pratt

Ernie Kovacs as Frankie Canon

Fabian as Billy Pratt

Capucine as Angel

Mickey Shaughnessy (on right) as Peter Boggs

Karl Swenson (on right) as Lars Nordquist

Joe Sawyer as Land Commissioner

Kathleen Freeman (in centre) as Lena Nordquist

John Qualen (second from left) as Judge of Logging Contest

Stanley Adams as Breezy

Alan Carney as Bartender

Lilyan Chauvin as Jenny Lamont

Stephen Courtleigh as Duggan

Richard Deacon as Angus

Douglas Dirk as Lieutenant

Joey Faye as Artist

James Griffith (on right) as Salvation Army Leader

Marcel Hillaire (on right) as Jenny's Husband

Roy Jenson (in centre) as Ole

Johnny Lee (on right) as Coachman

Max Mellinger as Everett Bishop

Jerry O'Sullivan as Sergeant

Ray Weaver as Boat Steward